Friday, February 3, 2012

Lab 4:Improving Manipulation with Bean Bag Challenges

1. Explain how a unit based on lessons of this nature would serve as a foundation for acquiring specialized throwing and catching skills.

It would serve as a foundation because all the activities we did during this lab worked on hand eye coordination, catching skills, and throwing skills using basic objects such as the bean bag. Having these basic skills really helps in acquiring more advanced throwing and catching skills.

2. Identify a theme that could be applied to health hopping appropriate for young children.

A theme that could be applied is talking about the heart and how it pumps blood to the body in a certain rhythm. So when you are giving instructions on how to hop you could tell the students to keep the rhythm of a heart pumping blood. You could tell them to hop faster for more blood to be pumped or to hop slower for less blood to be pumped.

3. Design a checklist of critical elements to look for when observing a child performing a locomotor movement.

Balance, Rhythm, Smooth Motions, Arm/Leg movement

4. Come up with two other activities using beanbags.

Gold Rush- Students have to work as a team lined up between two hula hoops. The hoops represent "gold mines". Inside one hoop is a bunch of bean bags (gold nuggets). The students must transport the beanbags from the one hoop to the other hoop by passing over their heads and through their legs alternating each student in the line. If they drop a beanbag they have to send it back to the front person and start over. First team to transport all beanbags wins.

Spider Web- Have students make a circle in the gym. Give one child a bean bag and they have to throw it to another person. That person throws it to another person and so on until everyone in the circle has gotten a chance to throw and catch a bean bag. Each time they get the beanbag they have to throw it to the same person they threw it to last time. Progressively add more beanbags into the circle to be thrown.

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  1. Love the theme! What a great idea!
    Gold rush: try to focus on cooperative games when working on improving skill. Once an activity becomes competitive, skill usually suffers.
    Spider web: ok game but level 1 as only 1 child or later a few will get to throw/catch at one time. Focus on level 3 games, everyone involved, everyone a bean bag.