Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lab 8: Communication And Cooperation Using Hula Hoops

1. Explain three important benefits of hoop play.

Young Children enjoy using hula hoops, there are numerous variations of activities you can do using hoops, and they make for an easy pick up at the end of class.

2. Give an example of how hoops can be used to reinforce a cognitive concept linked with classroom learning.

The teacher can give certain directions when using hula hoops that the students must listen to and follow throughout class.

3. Describe how hoops can be utilized to promote growth in the affective domains.

There are numerous activities using a hoop that require cooperation with other students such as the partner hoop toss, twister, and walk the dog.

4. Utilize the internet to gather information about ponds and related ecology to use in your field experience teaching or future teaching.

Ponds are an ecosystem with which animals and plants coexist. I could use this to teach how students should work on being a helpful neighbor and cooperate with one another to have a more enjoyable and nicer community. I could focus this lesson around hula hoops as well pretending that the hoops are lily pads in a pond and that the students must hop like a frog on the lily pads to get from one side of the pond to the other.

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