Tuesday, April 3, 2012

355 Field Experience: Week 4 (2nd/3rd Grade)

For this class we did the same as the 4th grade class where they were broken up into stations and in our station we worked on volleying. The 2nd and 3rd graders were slightly less skilled than the 4th graders but our findings showed that they were having similar troubles as the 4th graders when it came to volleying. Next time we go to the school we are going to work on volleying again and come up with some activities to help them with their volleying.

355 Field Experience: Week 4 (4th Grade)

This week in field observation we did our pre-assessment for volleying, so overall we focused on "skill themes and student abilities". The students were working in stations each one using a different skill theme so we felt it was appropriate to make our own station for volleying where not only did it coincide with what our master teacher had going on in his class but it also gave us the opportunity to assess our students' volleying skills. The groups had about 4-6 students and we introduced the skill and then had them get with a partner and spread out about 10 feet apart. My partner gave feedback to the students while they volleyed a beach ball back an forth while I assessed the students using a rubric I designed specifically for volleying. From the information we gathered it was apparent that the students needed to work on keeping their knees bent and striking the ball with their forearm as opposed to their fist.