Friday, February 17, 2012

Lab 9/10: Exercising Imagination And Building Inanimate Objects

1. Identify a fitness theme and design appropriate fitness stations to enhance various health and skill related components of fitness.

Fitness Theme: Cardiovascular and Muscular Endurance
Station 1: Jumping Rope
Station 2: Sit-Ups
Station 3: Ski Jumps Over Line
Station 4: Step-Ups

2. Identify people that are famous for use of imagination and creativity such as Einstein, Picasso and Bach.

Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Chuck Jones

3. Design a rubric for assessing the acting-out of inanimate objects by students in small groups as described in the activity close of this lab.

Criteria to Meet: Each group member acts a part out, creative, Sound Effects, and Cooperation.

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  1. A theme would be lion king, or snow fun. You mentioned a concept as a theme.
    When creating a rubric, how will you give them points? what will be a 1, 2, 3, or 4 if you have it out of 4?