Tuesday, February 14, 2012

355 Field Experience: Week 1 (2nd/3rd Grade)

The elementary school I am doing my field experience at is very small, so the 2nd and 3rd grades are combined. The structure of this class was a lot different than the 4th grade class. The students come in at the beginning of class and immediately go to their stations (4 throughout the gym), each station they go to has a different focus whether its balance, hand-eye coordination, or cardiovascular endurance. After a few minutes the students rotated stations until they had done all four. After they were done with the stations they cleared off the gym floor and began doing a whole-class activity. This class' game was "Carpet Tag" where whoever was "IT" had to slide around the gym with carpet squares under their feet and chase other students. If you were tagged you had to put the carpet squares on your feet also. The carpet squares leveled the playing field a little bit because the slower students were able to run a little faster than the students with carpet on their feet.

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