Friday, January 27, 2012

Lab 2: Singing to Movement Activities

1. Explain why exercises such as sit-ups and push-ups have to be modified for kindergarten and first grade students in the DVL 1 group.

By modifying the exercises you are turning it into a game, therefore the students don't even realize they are doing the exercises and they have more fun with it. Plus if you told them to do push-ups or sit-ups they wouldn't have fun with it and wouldn't do it correctly.

2. Why is rhythmic activity important for young children?

It is important because they respond better to rhythmic activities because it is just a natural enjoyment for them.

3. Define laterality and explain why tracing giant letters helps reinforce cognitive learning.

Laterality is defined as preference in using one side of the body over the other. Tracing giant letters reinforces cognitive learning because the students are both thinking about the alphabet and movements to help shape the letters.

4. Why are educators concerned about young children and not being able to keep an internal beat?

If they are unable to keep an internal beat it shows that their listening skills and movement capabilities are not up to what they should be.

5. Define homo-lateral and cross lateral movements.

Homo-lateral movement relates to the movement of the same side of the body. Cross lateral movement is when the movements cross over the mid line of the body to the other side.

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