Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lab 1: Class Management and Organization

1. Class management and effective teaching go hand in hand because you must be able to manage a classroom without taking away from instruction and activity time. You want to be able to maximize activity time while still being able to have an organization and structure within the class.

2. They should be short and positive because students are more likely to read and understand rules that are short and their response is more likely to be that they will listen and obey positive rules as opposed to rules that are negative.

3. Students enjoy the squad square structure because they don't have to worry about where they would be lined up in lines (first, last, etc.), they feel like they are equal, and they are all part of a team. It benefits the teacher because they can see everyone at the same time, all students are facing the middle to allow for less distractions from outside the square, and the teacher can more easily explain instructions since the students are all facing the middle of the square.

4. All of the activities in the management lab share in common that they all involve the students listening and paying attention to directions.

5. The affective domain is addressed in this lesson because for some activities the students have to cooperate with working in groups/partners. The psychomotor domain is addressed in the activities because they involve different movement patterns such as running, walking, skipping, and galloping. The cognitive domain is addressed in this lab because the activities all involve the students listening to and following specific directions to play in the games.

6. To get the students into groups for an activity/game, I could use the "Car Game". For the car game I would tell the students to do a certain movement (jog, skip, gallop, etc.) until I yelled out a certain type of vehicle. As soon as they hear me yell out the vehicle type they have to get in groups that match the vehicle. For example, Motorcycle= 2 Children, Truck= 3 Children, and Car= 4 Children. If I yell out "School Bus" they have to freeze where they are and wait for further direction.

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  1. I like the car game. That is an interesting way to create groups as well!