Wednesday, March 7, 2012

355 Field Experience: Week 2 (6th Grade)

This past week we still just observed the classes at the school. The 6th grade class was pretty interesting to observe this time. Their class was in the middle of a "Create A Game" unit where the students were split up into groups and plan and organize games using only household objects. They are given a sheet where they have to write down the rules/objects needed/ and a brief description of how to play. Once they came up with a game they then had to teach their classmates the game and play in class. I thought it was a great unit because it allowed for children to be the teachers for a day and think outside the box. Also the games could be used in a classroom setting as well as at home. One group came up with a game that was kind of like capture the flag using boxes and socks. I think it also showed students what it's like when students don't listen to directions or act out while the teacher is speaking so maybe they will be more sensitive to it in the future.

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