Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lab 13: Scooter Activities

1. Design a scooter obstacle course for DVL 1 students to negotiate throughout a gymnasium.

Set up lanes/roads with stop signs and "traffic lights", students must maneuver throughout the "neighborhood" obeying stop signs/traffic lights and also go around, under, over, and thru different obstacles laid out throughout the gymnasium.

2. Explain to a parent the benefits of having children participate in scooter activities.

Scooter activities make it so students behave in a safe and responsible manner because there are added risks of injury if you are not using a scooter properly. Also students must cooperate with classmates and be aware of their surroundings at all times while using the scooters.

3. What team strategy concepts would you stress in scooter basketball?

I would stress passing and finding open lanes. It is important to find open space to get away from defenders and to also use teamwork and pass the ball to get closer to the basket.

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