Thursday, September 22, 2011

Task Presentation (Ch. 4)

Q: What are some things teachers can do to improve communication with learners in task presentation?

- Orient the Learner
- Sequence the presentation in logical order
- Give Examples and Nonexamples
- Personalize the presentation
- Repeat things that are difficult to understand
- Draw on tje Personal Experience of Students
- Check for Understanding
- Present Materials Dynamically

Q: What are some guidelines to demonstrate effectively?

- Demonstrations should be accurate
- Use students to demonstrate when appropriate
- Demonstrate the organizational format
- Use demonstrations and examples in creative and cognitive problem-solving tasks
- Emphasize important information about a task
- Provide information on why a skill is performed a certain way
- Check student understanding after a demonstration

Q: What are characteristics of good learning cues?

A: Good cues are brief and critical to the skill being performed. They are also appropriate to the learner's skill level and age.

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