Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lab A2: Layups

My lesson was the same as my first lesson (layups). For this lesson we were given a 4 minute time slot just like in the first except we had no equipment to work with. In my opinion the absence of equipment was the biggest challenge to get used to during the lesson. I had to modify both my demonstration and lesson activities because of this. This is what teaching is all about though, because you aren't always going to have the best facilities or proper equipment but you have to just make adjustments without hesitation.

I really liked a few things about my lesson. I think I did a much better job speaking loudly enough for the class to hear me and the visual aid was an appropriate addition from my first lesson. That being said, there is still a lot of improvements I need to make. My biggest criticism is my body language during the lesson. I noticed I tend to sway a lot when I talk and I occassionally tap my feet or swing my arms which I feel can really be a distraction to the students. I should be more confident in my movements and controlled so I'm not all over the place. Also during the layup line drill there was a period of time for maybe 20 seconds where I didn't say anything and I just stood there. I need to frequently be giving positive feedback and maybe even stop the drill for a moment to pinpoint one of the students. That way they get involved and it can really help improve their self esteem if they get the spotlight for a second and some praise from the teacher. Last thing, I just need to have fun with what I'm doing. I can't be so worried about messing up I just need to go out and have a good time and do what I love and the students will feed off of that positive energy.

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