Tuesday, May 1, 2012

355 Field Experience: Week 5 (4th Grade)

Again, this class had a carnival day just like the 2nd/3rd grade class. They had the same stations, the only difference was that for this class we had a substitute because our master teacher had to go pick up their child from school. Our substitute wasn't just any normal substitute though, she was a former SUNY Cortland professor who is now subbing in local schools. While at SUNY Cortland she taught adaptive phys ed classes and she was actually our Master Teacher's professor when he used to go to the college. It was really insightful hearing what she had to say about today's physical education programs. She was open to giving advice and told us to start getting on the substitute registry as soon as possible and that we should be reaching out and networking with schools and potential employers. She was also really good with classroom management by keeping the students motivated by being upbeat and social with the students. It was something that really stood out in my mind as something I could do when I'm out and going with my teaching career.

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